Organised Solutions is a natural in it's field of expertise.

Confident, consistent & always finding time amongst a demanding schedule of clients.

Highly recommend!

Training for quality staff will maximise the return to the business.

Quality over Quantity.

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Organised Solutions has added value to the APC team & business via training, coaching & facilitation. They know & understand our industry & customers intimately & have tailored their services & expertise to our needs. 

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Team Coaching

Training folders populate many bookcases. Managers have little time to ensure training course learning is implemented into their people's activities. After training attendee's find changing their old habits more difficult than expected.

“Training without coaching..... is simply a waste of time.” 

team coaching  Train-coach_methodOur coaching programs run over a quarterly period with four short individual sessions. Old habits are replaced with new thinking, strategies and plans to grow business to meet objectives. These programs explain natural strengths and how to use them for the best outcomes. Strategies to neutralise negative behaviour allows people to become more consistent giving them the best opportunity to succeed.

Coaching allows people to express their concerns in a non judging environment, but ensures they recognise and adapt their negative behaviour which is restricting their success.

Many people decide to make changes after training. Coaching ensures they do.







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