I was referred to Organised Solutions for professional coaching services. With many years of experience & success in sales, sales management & coaching they were instrumental in helping me accelerate success professional sales. I would highly recommend Organised Solutions to any individual or organisation with a desire to improve their sales prefessionalism & effectivness.

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We engaged Organised Solutions to deliver our Belbin / Team Dynamics training. The result was a valuable insight into ourselves & a much better understanding of the different ways other people in our team think, helping us work more effectively with different people. The level of professionalism, flexibility and in-depth subject knowledge are the key reasons this engagement was successful.

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Mastering Media

Learn how to tackle probing questions, make the most of all positive opportunities and discover how to be an effective representative of your organisation, industry or issue.

We have a range of specialist  media training programs for specific sectors including:

  • The public sector (for all levels of government)
  • Academia and science
  • Banking and finance
  • Health and pharmaceutical

Participants cover:

  • Developing powerful messages to acheive cut-through
  • Delivering your message in a way that the media can use
  • Handling difficult issues and turning them into opportunities
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Lots of on-camera practice.

Programs are tailored to your organisation's specific requirements, your most important media, your issues, the existing skill level of participants etc.

Who is this for?

Mastering Media is for almost anyone.  Typically, participants are heads of organisations or a senior executive in the public, private or not-for-profit sector.  Lots of private business owners do the training as part of their marketing strategy.   Many people attend as part of their career development.  Some people are scientists, financial analysts, lawyers, doctors or other specialists who need to develop their media interview skills to be a guest experts in the media.  It is always good practice to keep your media skills fresh.  So top-up courses are available along with programs designed to take your skills to a higher level, such as learning how to cope with a crisis situation or damaging issue.


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