We have engaged Organised Solutions to conduct everything from profiling to specific training for sales & business management. At all time we have received the utmost professional results. We highly recommend Organised Solutions.



We engaged Organised Solutions to deliver our Belbin / Team Dynamics training. The result was a valuable insight into ourselves & a much better understanding of the different ways other people in our team think, helping us work more effectively with different people. The level of professionalism, flexibility and in-depth subject knowledge are the key reasons this engagement was successful.

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CEO Momentum

Build momentum for your CEO mandate

The reputation and profile of a CEO or Managing Director is directly linked to that of the organisation that they lead. The Leader needs to be inspirational, guided by a strong sense of purpose and have a clear vision for the future.

The Leader must deliver on promises - here and now - and ensure that they build a legacy. However, US and Australian research suggests that Leaders have a limited life. Some studies show that a typical Leader lifecycle can be as short to 24 - 36 months in a particular organisation.

The CEO Momentum program analyses where a Leader is up to in the five phases of the Leader's Lifecycle and builds a specific plan to refocus reputation-building activities to where they are needed most.   We work with some of Australia's most reputable and respected CEOs and Boards.

We begin by examining where the Leader is up to from their own perspective, where there might be gaps in performance or where they are ahead of the game.  We then cross-reference that with opinions from key internal and external stakeholders of importance to the organisation and the Leader personally.

The resulting report provides a clear view of what needs to be done to maximise the Leader's performance as a key reputational asset for the organisation now - and looks into the future to where the Leader plans to go next.


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